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Smart Body Fat Scale

Smart Body Fat Scale : Intelligent Data in 2020

You must know about your body better to improve your fitness. One of the major problems if that we are focusing on...
cycling training power measurements

Cycling Training and Power Measurements AP, NP and FTP

It is a consensus that regular and proper cycling training can help riders to improve their ability in a short time and...
Sports Wearable Technology

Sports Wearable Technology is now game changer (2019 concluded)

In the course of the lately concluded 2019 State of Origin rugby league collection, followers got a glimpse into how biometric monitoring knowledge can enhance fan engagement and improve the attraction of sport. All through the sport, followers obtained details about the quickest players on the...

Running in Paradise: Kashmir Half Marathon 2019

Some of the popular Half Marathon 2019 are London, Berlin, Barcelona, but running a marathon in Paradise on earth in Kashmir is a totally...

Fitness Health Exercise Article

This is a fitness essay that explores the basic facts about the wonders of exercise. Why Miracles? Yes, unless you have lived...