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Fitness Health – What Gets Measured, Gets Results

In today’s society, people are more concerned with their Fitness Health, rather than just their health or fitness. This has seen an increase in the number of people who see dietitians and dietitians designing custom foods that increase energy throughout the day and keep their weight low.

The term Fitness Health measures your current health and fitness and gives you a score of 100 points. Part of the eligibility is measured by a standard Beep Test, in which participants walk between two lumps out of twenty meters. Participants wait for the recorded beep at the end of each stage before returning to the opposite cone, this is repeated until they can return to the cone before the next beep.

Health scores are measured by adding your BMI, Hip to Waist scale and blood pressure results together and divided by 3. A combination of two points can be added together to give you% of 100 points. This is far more than a complete check for a lifetime.

Over the years doctors have come up with many tests to look at your current health or fitness. Many of these tests alone are flawed as they do not take into account individual age, weight, height or level of strength. The idea of ​​a rigorous health system is to provide a test that includes all the necessary information that is easily accessible and gives you a score of over a hundred.

The scoring system allows people of different ages, weight, height and strength to compare themselves. Higher scores improve outcomes, which is a good incentive for people to work harder and improve their points each time. 100% 100 is the last school and a real sign that you are at the forefront of your game with good health and fitness.

Due to the simplicity of the test and the lack of expensive equipment, personal trainers, small gyms and certified fitness companies can offer this test to their customers. The trial is a great start for new clients and offers a monthly goal of working and keeping your client coming back with little or no effort.

Fitness qualifications are a great way for people who are committed to their training and health to measure their real life today. The key to health and fitness is measuring your results and improving them regularly, remembering what measurements get results!

Terry Gilsenan is a Corporate Wellness Specialist with more than 10 years of corporate health and fitness. Based in Sydney, Australia, Terry designed and implemented hundreds of health programs for local and foreign companies.

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