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Promote Muscle Growth and Recovery and Increase Muscle Strength and Mass

You must be wondering how to Increase Muscle Strength and Mass, there is no doubt Muscle growth and recovery are directly associated with each other. You can’t gain strength until you incorporate strength training and you can’t grow muscles mass until you lift the weight. But overall, recovery is important to grow your muscles.

Strength Training to gain Muscle

Strength Training is crucial for flexibility and improved performance. You can lower the risk of injury and gain mobility by doing various strength workouts. You don’t need to spend hours to get the results from the strength training. If you can leave the comfort zone just for 10 minutes you can feel stronger and better but just doing strength-building workouts.

You must focus on a group of various muscles, depending upon your current fitness levels keep the interval between 1 and 2 minutes and do these 9 exercises in 3 sets to improve your strength.

Body Weight Strength Training

Look at the below picture and see the explanation below;

Strength Training
Strength training plan with 9 exercises.

You must be already doing all 9 moves. Now the idea is to keep this doing. Do the exercise as below;

  • Day 1: Use 1st Column as Set one, Second as Set 2, and Third asset three, repeat all these sets with a 30-second break in between.
  • Day 2: Use 1st Row asset one, second-row asset 2, and third-row as set 3 with three sets with 30 seconds break.
  • Day 3: Change the combination of your choice but every day must be different from the previous day. It will help you to use a combination of various muscles.

Use the sounds for each exercise, initially, you can start with 10 reps and ideally, you must do 40 reps for each set.

Grow Muscles with Weight Training

You have seen the above exercises were Body Weight Training but let us now move to weight training

Grow Muscles with Weight Training

Rest and muscle growth

If you think you must keep doing exercise to build muscles, it is wrong, muscle groups need rest, you can’t gain muscles until you take rest not only between the sets of exercises but also regular rest.

Getting enough sleep to grow muscles.

Body repairs during sleep. This is the fact that your organs and muscles go through repair process while you are sleeping, your blood flows to each and every corner of your body and fixes the damages. Your muscles also grow during this process. Muscle recovery is related to your enouch sleep, you will find numerous of research papers that will talk about rest and sleep are important elements for muscle growth.

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Muscle Mass

Now let us seriously talk about the Muscle Mass. You must not focus on growing your muscle which is not proportionate to your Height, skeleton, and ideal weight. You need to know your bone structure too before deciding what your muscle mass should be. Your muscles must suit your body type as well. Therefore it is important to maintain the ideal percentage of muscle mass to avoid risk and muscle loss as you grow older..

Grow Muscles with Weight Training

As we know that our body has major components fat, bone, and water. So muscle mass is related to the number of soft tissues in the body. There is no doubt that you must grow muscles to protect your bone, but your muscle should also help you to maintain your posture and help your flexible movement.

If you are not able to bend your legs and arms freely, this means your muscle mass is not ideal. If you want to increase your muslces more than required then you must do flexibility excercises to ensure that musles remain flexible.

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